Ted’s Woodworking Review and Discussion Regarding This Top Selling Package 

woodworking-packageA craft that allows you to use your own two hands to create beautiful works of art in and around the home, woodworking is a skill that can be put to use around the home or you can take it to the next level and turn it into a new career. Many homeowners take an interest in woodworking once they realize just how costly home renovation is, while others are simply interested in this art form because they enjoy working with their hands, and Ted’s woodworking package will help you understand that.

Projects in this field can range from making kitchen cabinets and sheds to crafting your own picture ledges and crown molding in the home. The possibilities really are endless, so you can see why so many people jump at the chance to purchase a package that includes thousands of high quality woodwork plans for just a fraction of the price they’d normally pay at their local home improvement store. But learning how to determine which plans will work for you and which ones are missing crucial information takes time and skill.

If you’re fairly new to this, then you’re probably considering purchasing the popular package by Ted’s, but you may have your doubts. Are the plans in this program actually high quality? Is there are a wide variety of plans to choose from? And can you choose from plans based on skill level? This review focuses on what you’ll find in this package and how consumers responded to it and whether or not they felt it was actually worth the purchase.

Is Woodworking Package by Ted’s All That It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Working with woods is an art form as well as a skilled hobby and for men and women who have no prior experience it can be hard to easily pick it up without professional help and instruction. Online project plans, even ones that are very detailed with diagrams and explanations may not be that helpful. There are a number of resources you can check out before you start purchasing project plans online. Check with local community colleges and sign up for beginner courses or woodworking workshops.

Once you know the basics, you’ll need to purchase project plans with care. A beginner won’t know that the plans they have purchased and downloaded online are incomplete until they’re deep into a project. And unfortunately, this happens all too frequently.

wood-work-projectThese days, the new woodworking enthusiasts can enjoy checking out new and challenging plans online with just a few clicks. But at times, getting plans online can be frustrating, inaccurate and discouraging. And if you search for woodworking resources online the odds are that you’ll feel a little overwhelmed with the number of sites and resources you come across. It can also be hard to determine which sites are genuine and which ones aren’t, or which site can actually help you to hone your skills and develop as a quality woodworker. This can be a great solution because it features thousands of plans to choose from and some much-needed guidance from one of the pros.

Ted McGrath is the face behind this program and he works as a professional woodworker and teacher and has almost forty years of experience in this field. He also belongs to the Architectural Woodworking Institute. In order to help newbies and pros with their woodworking goals, Ted has compiled all his extensive knowledge into this guide that’s dedicated to the art of woodworking.

So what exactly is this guide? It offers everything you will need to get started on your new project. It features more than sixteen thousand plans for projects designed for newbies and pros. Each plan also comes with a detailed and illustrated diagram which includes a full set of dimensions. The step by step instructions make it easy to complete any project and the materials list for each plan ensures that you won’t need to keep heading out to your local hardware store during a project. Aside from project materials, Ted has also included a list of every tool you’ll need.

So, how is this guide different from the other woodworking resources you’ll find online? If you check out various free woodworking plans online, you’ll see that most of these plans are incomplete. They will either skip or leave out some important information about the project which can make it pretty useless if you’re a beginner. While most do provide a diagram, these diagrams are usually too vague to be understood and most of them contain flaws or inaccurate dimensions. If you use one of these plans you can even end up creating something that’s useless or misshapen.  And more often than not, you’ll be left with a lot more questions than answers.

wood-working-guideWhat makes this guide so different from the rest is that it doesn’t just provide you with a ton of plans to choose from, but each plan is high quality as well. Each of these plans is well organized and constructed, making it easy to interpret and read and follow. The instructions guide you through the process step by step, leaving no room for doubt and no questions unanswered. If you follow the instructions closely, you’ll be able to finish each project flawlessly.

The author explains each plan in the simplest way possible, so that even an amateur can complete a project in no time.

Purchasing this guide will give you access to more than sixteen thousand project plans.

Regardless of the project you have in mind, be it a functional cabinet, a simple toy box or a complex writing desk, you’ll get plans for every woodworking object or accessory you can think of. And each plan comes with a colorful, clear and sharp design which helps to make understanding it easy and simple.

Another common question consumers have about this guide is why the author is selling it as a comprehensive guide as opposed to a book, which could make him a lot more money. But the answer is simple, he has the interest of the woodworkers in mind. The author actually has a long history with this art form and comes from a family of woodworkers. He’s also had experience wasting time online or by reading woodworking magazines and books and felt like an easy to download guide would be the best way to reach eager new woodworkers. His success in this field made him realize that woodworking doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. As a teacher, he determined that a beginner will simply need a step by step detailed plan that can be easily followed. On the suggestion of a friend he created a master database that he now shares with woodworking enthusiasts.

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Woodworking Package Breakdown

Not only do you get a lot of satisfaction and gain new skills when you’re working on a project, but you may even find your niche in this profession. There are several great areas in the field of woodworking that can encourage you to start a career in this field. Some of the different areas that are rewarding and challenging include house framing. House framing involves a ton of hard work, skill and knowhow, but this type of woodworking can pay off big once you master it. Other areas you can specialize in include interior finishing and cabinetry.

The art of interior finishing will involve installing interior shelving, doors, trim, fireplace mantels, moldings, balcony railings, stairs and even wood floors.

Cabinetry is another exciting and challenging area to specialize in. You can use these skills to affordably renovate your own kitchen or go into business for yourself. Ted includes an extensive guide on how to use your new love for woodworking and turn it into a lucrative business. This guide is actually one of the biggest selling points for the pros.

woodworking-tipsMost people who get the woodworking bug search around online looking for the type of package Ted offers and many consumers who have purchased this guide are pretty happy with it, especially when it comes to using the 3D modeling software, large variety of woodworking plans, the great selection of tips and tricks, excellent customer support and the how to guide for starting your own woodworking business. There’s also the fact that you get good value for the money, considering many websites that offer this type of package often charge twice as much and don’t come close to featuring the amount of plans offered by Ted.

But some consumers did point out that this guide lacks a uniform style, which comes off as very disorganized. And while the author includes projects that are designed for beginner, intermediate and professional woodworkers, he fails to actually label each project based on skill level, which means you’ll have to determine the skill level on your own. The novice woodworker will definitely have problems with some of these project plans. The video section can also use some beefing up, especially considering some of it includes video content from major home improvement chains.

Here is exactly what you get in this package:

  • A general introduction
  • Member area
  • Bonus documents
  • Guide to starting your own business
  • Instructional videos
  • CAD DWG file viewer
  • Project plans

For just a small additional fee you can purchase Ted’s deluxe program which comes with

  • References and resources
  • File viewer
  • Videos
  • Shed plans
  • 3D software

Woodworking Guide Pros and Cons

Pros: If you were to purchase sixteen thousand plans individually, it would cost you a ton of money. But Ted offers his comprehensive guide for a mere $67, which is a steal. This guide also comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. Once you make a purchase, you’ll have instant access to thousands of project plans. User’s also get the CAD and DWG plan viewer, which is award winning software that will allow you to create a plan, modify a plan or edit any plans in the pack. Consumers will also have access to over a hundred and fifty premium woodworking videos, a guide that discusses how you can turn your love of woodworking into a profitable venture and a guide on how to start your own woodworking business.

Cons: No product is without its flaws and the same goes for this guide. Since it contains an extensive amount of project plans, it will take quite a long time to download, especially if you have a slower internet connection. However, purchasing the DVD can be a good solution to this issue. This allows you to have all the plans at hand so you won’t have to spend any time in front of your computer. However, if you do decide to go with the DVD version you’ll have to wait four or five days for shipping. Keep in mind that organizing thousands of these plans is no easy task, so you may initially feel that Ted’s setup looks a bit disorganized.

Conclusion and Rating

teds-woodworkingThe issue many consumers had with the unorganized appearance of the plans and overall layout can be problematic if you don’t have much experience with woodworking or simply don’t know which project matches your skill level. If you’re a beginner and find a project that catches your interest you’ll need to do a little research online to determine if said project is doable using basic skills.

As you can see, the pros for this guide easily outweigh the cons. The author gives you every reason to buy. Consumers who purchased this guide gave it a rating of five out of five stars for ease of use, the included diagrams for each project, the extensive plan library and the included tool and supply list for each plan. A great guide for the amateur and pro alike, this guide is a true pleasure to use and one that will keep you busy for years to come.

While Ted’s woodworking package could definitely use some tweaking, it’s still worth the purchase but may be more designed for the intermediate or professional woodworker. Consumers who are unsatisfied with their purchase can take advantage of the sixty day money back guarantee.

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