Woodshop Projects for the DIY Woodworker 

woodshop-projectIf you want to give some easy woodshop projects a shot, there are plenty of plans to choose from ranging from beginner to expert level. If you have a little know how and the proper tools, there’s a number of simple projects you can tackle that will give your home a unique and eclectic look.

Becoming a homeowner is a major event in anyone’s life and it’s also one of the most expensive. If you just purchased a new home, you probably have a million ideas running around in your head regarding what you’d love to change about your new home and how you can improve it. But most people don’t have the type of budget to make serious renovations right off the bat, which can be very frustrating.

However, if you have a little or a lot of experience with woodworking, there are several ways you can put your skills to work and make your new home your own personal slice of heaven. Whether you’re refinishing old floors or building a new breakfast nook, your woodworking skills can end up saving you a ton of money on costly renovations.

Woodworking Ideas for the Backyard

When you finish a project it always feels like such an accomplishment, especially when the project turns out exactly the way you want it to. Here is an extensive list of woodworking ideas that you can use to add some personality to your backyard, especially if you’re on a budget.

Some of the best projects are those that you can complete quickly. Pallets are cheap and easy to come by and can be used for a variety of woodworking projects such as planters, outdoor coffee table and garden benches.

wordworking-ideasTo give your finished product a more custom and elegant look you can also stain or paint your pallet project. A simple pallet end table is quicker and easier to make than you think and costs almost nothing if you know where to find pallets. Try hitting home improvement stores and nurseries and load up on your pallet supply for cheap.

Most new homeowners will quickly realize just how expensive it is to make even the smallest improvements. Pallet projects can allow you to build patio furniture and dress up your backyard on a budget. But if building with pallets just isn’t your thing then it’s time to hit the flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores. You’ll be surprised at the type of used patio furniture you can find at bargain prices.

Many pieces of used patio furniture just require some sanding and a new coat of paint, however, you need to be careful to avoid any pieces of furniture that contain rust or rotted areas.

You can also purchase new umbrellas and cushions for the used sets to give it a more updated look.

Repurposing Those Old Kitchen Cabinets and Giving Your Kitchen a Makeover

Did you know that the average kitchen renovation runs around twenty to fifty grand, depending on how serious the overhaul is?

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the home to renovate, next to the bathroom. Most homeowners will quickly realize just how tight their budget will be for this important room in the home, with most of the money going towards the cabinets and the counters. But you don’t actually have to ditch those old cabinets to get a fabulous new look for your kitchen.

If you don’t have painting experience, we highly recommend using a professional painter for your old kitchen cabinets, but you can cut down on the costs by stripping the paint or old finish yourself.

Start off by prepping the room and removing all of the cabinetry hardware. Replacing the hardware is actually one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen an instant updated look if you’re on a tight budget.

Next, the cabinets will need to be finely sanded before a painter can come in and repaint or refinish them.

woodworking-skills-to-goodCompletely replacing the cabinets will cost thousands of dollars, but repainting old cabinets will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000. While initially that may sound like a lot of money, it’s nothing compared to the cost of brand new cabinets and installation fees. Painting them on your own is an option, but giving your cabinets a professional, flawless look is a lot harder than you think and you may end up having to scrap them if they don’t come out the way you were hoping.

Now that you’ve got the cabinets covered you can put more money towards the counters and the appliances.

If you’ve purchased an older home, odds are that there are real hardwood floors somewhere underneath all that old tile and linoleum. Instead of adding just another layer of tile or vinyl flooring, get your hands dirty and rip it up. Refinishing old hardwood floors will be in your area of expertise and it’s a project you should be able to easily do and one that can save you thousands of dollars. Just be sure you use the proper finish and give your floor enough dry time.

Putting Your Woodworking Skills to Good Use Around

Nothing can give a new home a custom look quite like handcrafted bookshelves, tables and shelving. By using your woodworking skills you can slowly create a custom home that’s filled with your completed projects. Even on a budget, building bookshelves or a new shed for the backyard is totally doable if you know where to find affordable, quality supplies and lumber.

You don’t have to purchase the more expensive type of lumber, which can be difficult if you’re on a budget. Instead, choose less expensive wood types such as pine. Wood quality will not be as important if you plan on painting your finished product.

While less expensive, pine also comes in several varieties including sugar, ponderosa, yellow and white. All types of pine are great for making furniture and it’s also a type of wood that’s very easy to work with. Have fun with your woodshop projects!